Microsoft Windows 10 launches July 29, 2015

Windows 10

It’s official Windows 10 will be launched on July 29th, 2015!

Here’s a short list of what to expect:

  • The Start button is back and will return most of the functionality the mightly button once had.
  • Cotana the Digital Assistant with its’ natural language abilities will let you use voice commands.
  • Universal Apps will enable you to load them on your PC and your Windows smartphone.
  • IE is dead, eh, I mean Spartan will be taking over.
  • Ther Settings have been reordered so you can find things more easily.
  • Continuum detects changes to the hardware and changes the settings accordingly., Think plugging in a tablet to a large screen (via a docking station). It’s also an a great sci-fi tv show (unrelated, but totally worth mentioning).
  • XBOX. More of our readers won’t care. Thus it’s at the end  of this list. Windows 10 will play XBOX ONE games.

The Windows 10 preview users will get a message to update to the release version. Anything that has an original full version of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 will have the ability to get Windows 10 at no cost for a limited time. If your PC was upgraded from a previous version, however, then you’ll have to buy Windows 10.


-CTOBOB team