VMware vSphere Client 6 is very slow and hangs with Windows 10

Issue: VMware vSphere Client 6 takes a long time to open and hangs when trying to connect to the vCenter or directly to an ESXi host. Reported on Windows 10.

Description: We encountered this problem after updating our machines to windows 10 and our lab server to vmware vSphere 6. The client installed but took 10 minutes to load. It would then simply take long enough that we cancelled.

What we tried (didn’t work):
– Reinstalling the client
– Reinstalling .net
– Launching the client as administrator

Resolution: Place the \Windows\Microsoft.net in the exception for your antivirus. Someone reported that they had to also include the vmware directory in Program Files. We didn’t have to include it with AVG but your antivirus might need it.

Note: Several people have pointed out we should be using the browser interface. While this is true, when you start a fresh installation or using the Hypervisor version, the Web interface may not be available.

Please let us know if you have found alternate issues or resolutions with the new client.

2017 note: We are still seeing a lot¬†of traffic to this page and are still getting some e-mails about this article. We would like to clarify that the vSphere 6.5 web interface is much improved and acceptably¬†fast. It was stable in our lab so we’re now recommending everyone to consider migrating to the latest version and consider abandoning the windows client.