Windows 10 Remote Destop Services Port Redirector hangs, is unresponsive

Windows 10 Remote Desktop Services Port Redirector crashes. Hanging or freezing isn’t usually. I imagine this problem goes undetected since so few people turn on the remote desktop service on their Windows 10 computers. In this particular case, the problem was on a Dell Optiplex. It started after an update.

Sure, rebooting fixes the problem for a while. The service on some machines keeps hanging. To add to the problem the system then doesn’t reboot properly. So if you’re remote and discover the RDP session won’t open then it’s a pain to get someone to go to your machine to reboot it. Wait for it to hang doing that then ask someone (again) to turn it off and on). Ahhh

After looking at the usual suspects which you should do check just in case we found the problem to be related to an Intel driver.

Down and install the latest version of the Intel Management Engine Interface driver (11.5 was the one we used to fix the issue.)

Version 11.5 was the one we used to fix the issue. Version 11.0 appears to be the source of the issue as documented on multiple forums.


As always, feel free to send us your thoughts and share if this worked for you!