Windows 10 Pro Creator’s edition 2017 update breaks VMware Workstation 12 and 12.5 NIC Build 1703

If you read my posts then you know we’re been here before. The Windows 10 Pro update called the Creators Edition released in September 2017 (Build 1703) breaks your VMs running on VMware Workstation pro 12 or 12.5. It is possible that 11 or earlier may have this same problem.

Instead of simply sending you back to my old post I thought I would share how to fix this problem quickly.

Summary: The VMs suddenly no longer see the Network Interface Card (NIC) of your computer running Windows 10 Pro. Just to be clear, the VMs can be running any version of Windows and have this issue. The Workstation is running on Windows 10 Pro.

Solution: Reset the network cards to the default.

Step 1: Start the vmnetcfg.exe as administration. It is located under C:\Program Files\VMWare\VMware Workstation. Right click the file and press “Run as administrator”

Step 2: You will notice that there are no VMnet0 with type Bridged. This is the problem. Press “Restore Defaults” on the bottom left.

Step 3: Press “Yes” to the settings reset. Do be mindful it will clear all settings back to the default.


Step 4: Make sure the VMnet0 appears. If yes, press OK. If not, the settings were not reset to defaults. Make sure all VMs are off and that VMware Workstation is not running.


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