About Us

The CTOBOB.com podcast team:

  • Written and produced by Bob Pellerin
  • Introduction by Caroline Kmec
  • Theme music by Nonsense, courtessy of Brian Podolak.
  • Hosting is provided by http://www.Peerhost.net

  • Financial assistance from Cobaltium inc.
  • Sound mixing and photography by Lance Pellerin.


About Bob:

Bob Pellerin is a seasoned IT professional. Past employers include Microsoft, MicronPC (MPC.com)  and PCR. Bob has held management and executive positions in companies of various sizes and located on both coasts of North America, including some of Canada`s largest law firms. He currently works as CTO for Hitor Group inc. and sits on the board of directors of serval startups. Bob also provides consulting services for everything from general IT managemet, budgeting to high end networking issue resolution.

When Bob isn`t working, he donates his time to schools and good causes.

Bob is perhaps best known for his dark humor sci-fi books “Death of a Sanitation Engineer” and “The Future Never Dies”. His third book “Metal Fatigue” is on hold while he finds a new agent and publisher.


Bob’s other publications:

  • What happens to the presents if Santa dies?    [The Montreal Gazette – Dec 2003] Reprinted in Canadian newspapers
  • Junior Mining stocks, some points to keep in mind! [Bull&Bear Financial Report – Jul 2012]
  • Exit the room calmly please      [www.CanadianMineAnalysis – Feb 2013]
  • www.MontrealAnalyst.com (multiple articles)
  • “Market Makers,” Their Disappearance. How to take Advantage of It [Bull&Bear Financial Report – Oct 2014]

TV & Radio Appearences

  • CFCF Nation News [Dec 2003]
  • Radio Canada [several noon hour public discussions]
  • Kitco News [Interview for “Mining Minutes” with Alex Letourneau – 2013]
  • Kitco News [Interview for “On The Spot” with Daniela Cambone – 2013]

We welcome comments and ideas for future podcasts and articles.