Jul 01

Microsoft takes down several botnets

Microsoft is continuing their war on the cyber criminals. This week they took down several botnets by taking over domains owned by the well known free dynamic DNS provider “NO-IP”. No-IP stated that they were not notified of the malicious domains by Microsoft. As a result of the takeover, several legit no-ip customers have apparently suffered down time and blockage related issues.
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Jan 04

malware scanner

Have you ever wondered if a site was safe to visit? Here’s a site you can use to scan the questionable web site.



Here is a sample of the result using our own site as an example:


Malware scanner report


Malicious/Suspicious/Total urls scanned 0/0/16
Blacklisting status Clean
SE visitors redirects Clean
Hidden/Malicious iFrames Clean
Defacement signatures Clean


Please share the tools you use with us!