Nov 14


Sometimes it`s necessary to point out specific products. This is a great time to address the question of viruses and malware fighting. Get yourself a good physical firewall and make sure your computers are running an anti-virus. Listeners and clients ask me what anti-virus software I use and/or recommend.

If you need a quick check of your systems I`ve compiled a list for you (in no particular order):

  1. Microsoft Safety Scanner (
  2. Eset Online Scanner (
  3. Malwarebytes (

I usually recommend and resell:

  1. AVG ( – Note: AVG have a nice management console for Business environments.They now offer a cloud based solution as well.


These are the ones that I found worked well. Protection from any or all of these may not protect you from all possible viruses or intrusions. I can`t guarantee the same success that I`ve experienced with them.