CTOBOB Technology Podcasts are aimed at executives and business owners who either don`t have a senior IT person on staff or who simply want to learn about new trends in technology. We cover current and upcoming trends and explain products that can benefit small to medium sized businesses. We do our best to avoid acronyms and put it all in plain English. We only invite manufacturers and professionals to the podcast that we recommend and never charge to appear on the podcast. We cover networking, Software as a service (SaaS), virtualization, cloud computing, disaster recovery, security, viruses and IT management in general.


Episode# Topic* Guests Released
018 NMVe Technology Robert Gundersen May 2016
017 Canadian Anti-Spam legislation CASL Paul Clausi Mar 2, 2016
016 B.Y.O.D. Michael Christensen (Acronis) July 24, 2015
015 Encryption in the cloud Mayukh Gon (PerfectCloud.io) May 8, 2015
014 Monitoring networks Tim Kcehowski (APCON) Mar 27, 2015
013 Uses of silver in technology David Morgan (The Morgan Report) Jan 16, 2015
012 InterOp New York Coverage Day 3 Tim Kcehowski (APCON) Oct 2, 2014
011 InterOp New York Coverage Day 1 Joe Fennell (XCom Global) Sep 29, 2014
010 Infrastruction as a Service Lilac Schoenbeck (iLand) Oct 17, 2014
009 Windows XP migration Patrick Hurley (Acronis) Jun 20, 2014
008 Hiring and getting hired Lou Adler May 9, 2014
007 Backups and Disaster Recovery (Part 2) Seth Goodling (Acronis) Apr 4, 2014
006 Backup Solutions (Part 1) Seth Goodling (Acronis) Mar 19, 2014
005 Business relationships&effective communications Ric Harris  Mar 8, 2014
004 Network Security Kevin Sheu & Ruoting Sun(Barracuda Networks) Feb 27, 2014
003 Remote connectivity Barnaby Jeans (VMware inc.) Jan 19, 2014
002 Viruses and malware Michael Kraft (AVG Technologies) Dec 16, 2013
001 Virtualization Barnaby Jeans (VMware inc.) Nov_25,2013

* Upcoming topics are tentative and subject to change depending on guest availability.


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