Over the years we have been sent a wide array of rumors, predictions, and requests for our opinion on future products and technologies. It is not our intention to divulge corporate internal information or to put out fake news. What we have done is put the logic we see to the predictions and rumors below by company. As I have personally been employed by some companies on the list, I can only state that I have no personal knowledge of roadmaps or product research. None of the contributors have NDAs in place with any of the companies mentioned below.


2019-2020: SURFACE – Microsoft will quietly stop producing the surface. Why? The list is rather long.  The hardware has had failure rates reaching 25% according to some sites. The product was meant to incite companies to produce similar hardware. Microsoft apparently loses money on the surface.

APPLE iphone rumors

2018-2019: IPHONE – The next iPhone, iPhone 11,  could have the following:

  • 8 cores (4 to be dedicated to low power processing)
  • 4GB RAM
  • Reintroduction of rose gold.